Code of Conduct



In order to ensure the highest possible standards of performance, safety and client satisfaction, the Australian Forklift and Industrial Truck Association has prepared the following Code of Conduct.

Members are required to implement, maintain and embrace the principles adopted in the Code of Conduct.

 These principles are:
Members shall:
1.    Be aware of and comply with all laws and regulations governing health and safety in the workplace and maintain high safety standards to minimize harm to people and property.
2.    Ensure that equipment complies with the relevant Australian Standards and to provide correct machine safety measures for the protection of end users and the general public.
3.    Deal promptly with enquiries related to safety of equipment and must take effective action where appropriate including a notification to the AFITA of such issues that may affect others in the Association or the general public.

Members shall:
1.  Ensure equipment is delivered in a safe and serviceable condition with relevant user information provided.
2.  Agree with the client that the equipment, including tyres, attachments and accessories are suitable for the intended application, and are documented in written format between all parties.
3. Ensure only competent and suitably trained personnel service and repair the equipment supplied.
4. Offer a regular inspection and service program in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations for the equipment supplied.
5. Ensure that all equipment offered and supplied complies with the relevant Australian Standards, Health and Safety requirements for importers, designers, manufacturers, and suppliers.
6. Monitor relevant Australian Standards and implement within 12 months of their release any product or safety improvements.
7. Ensure that all attachments are supplied with the primary equipment, properly fitted and rated.
8. Make the client aware of alternative models, which have a higher specification than the application may require, accounting for improper usage of equipment.
9. Make the client aware of optional extras, and explain the benefits of these to enhance safer operations.
10. Ensure the client is aware of relevant training for the correct operation of the equipment, and where required operator certification.
11. Ensure the client is familiar with equipment controls and the contents of the operator’s manual.
12. Display AFITA decal on all new equipment delivered

In dealing with clients, members shall:
1. Accurately present all the facts relating to a contract.
2. Ensure that the contract embodies all the express terms and conditions of the agreement.
3. Respect confidential information supplied to them by the client in the course of their business.

Members will be expected to:
1. Behave with integrity and encourage such conduct by others in the business of supplying or hiring lift trucks.
2. Transact business in such a manner as will reflect credit to the member and the industry.
3. Strive to improve their own competence and that of others in the industry.
4. Exercise care in the day to day conduct of business relationships.
5. Deal promptly with all queries or complaints from a client.

Members will be expected to:
Comply with all applicable environmental laws.
2. Members are also expected to be proactive in looking for ways to improve the contribution of the industry to a better world environment.

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