Guidance Notes

The AFITA Engineering Committee has developed a number of Guidance Notes intended to assist with the safe use of Forklift Trucks.

These Guidance Notes are available below by clicking on the links.

AFITA advises that these Guidance Notes are general in the nature of their information and while they are intended to assist, they should not be used in the absence of a competent workplace safety assessment which is specific to your particular situation.

AFITA-001 – Definition of Order Picker

AFITA-002 – Inching Pedal Usage

AFITA-003 –  Forklift Towing

AFITA-004 – Pallet Pulling Guidance Note

AFITA-005 – Use of Slip on Attachments on Forklifts

AFITA-007  – FLTs Modified for Use in Hazardous Areas. Flameproofing

AFITA-008 – OHG Inspection Repair Modification

AFITA-009 – Using Industrial Trucks on an Incline

AFITA-011– Using Hand Pallet Truck on an Incline

AFITA-012 – Guidance for Transporting and Stacking Tall Loads

AFITA-013 – Guidance for Transporting Stacking Wide Loads

AFITA-014 – Seat Belt Guidance Sit Down Reach Truck

AFITA-015 – Q Fever Health Safety Guidance

AFITA-016 – AS2359 FAQ

AFITA-017 – Use of Assistance Systems

AFITA-018 – Disabling or Removal of Safety Features

AFITA -019 – Equipment Catalogue Information

AFITA-020 – Forklift Transport Chain of Responsibility

AFITA-021 Load Capacity Information Plate – Counterbalance Forklift Truck

AFITA-022 – Australian Standards Compliance Checklist

AFITA-023 – Licence FAQs

AFITA-024 – Grey Imports

AFITA-025 – Attachment Selection and Forklift Compatibility



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