2015 National Safety Seminar program announced

poster aita safetyTHE President of the Australian Industrial Truck Association (AITA), Steve Takacs, has announced the program for the Safety Week Seminars to be held in Sydney on Wednesday 16 September at the Novotel Sydney, Rooty Hill, from 9am to 12 noon and in Melbourne on Wednesday 14 October at the Best Western Airport Motel & Convention Centre, 33 Ardlie Street, Attwood from 1pm to 4pm.

The Seminar will feature speakers on a range of topics around the Forklift Safety theme including
the following:

Attachments. This presentation will reinforce that a FLT is more than a truck with fork tines, and cover connections, what is out there and what to look for when doing safety inspections.

User Safety: Pedestrian safety, reverse warnings, smart alarms, reliance on technology, tyre varieties, split rims, use of jib attachments from a Standards perspective, AITA Engineering Technical Bulletins and safety guidance documents which are available to the public via the AITA website.

Standards: AS 2359-1 and changes/ impacts on products in the field in the next 12 months; overview of Stability Standards including container handling and testing requirements; other ISO adoptions around pallet trucks; reconnection back to Part 2 user requirements and responsibilities.

Training: WHS Act requirements and different jurisdictional requirements; high risk work licensing; definition of what a FLT is under the WHS Act and when a licence is required; implications of non-adoption of the WHS Act in WA and Vic; Licencing standards and assessment including harmonization; Industry Standards/Codes of Practice; ongoing issues of competency, training and compliance with WHS Act – how to ensure FLT users are compliant and safe.

Interactive Q&A Panel session with the presenters.

There is a minimal charge of $30.00 to attend the seminar. Details and a registration form are here.

The media release is here.

Go straight to booking form here.

As has been done in previous years, the AITA is making safety message posters that can be positioned in warehouses and other high traffic forklift areas available free of charge from the AITA website. The posters are here.

For further information contact: Sue Hart, AITA Secretariat – 02 6290 1505.


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