Over 50 Years of of Working to Improve Forklift Safety

AFITA (previously AITA)  has a proud tradition of supporting safety as evidenced by this  conformance plate  found recently on a 1972 Clark 2.5 Tonne  FLT referencing compliance with AITA Recommended Safety Practice 1969.

Other materials that have come to light recently include 1965 references to  AITA members advising state regulatory authorities that their machines were compliant with the Australian Industrial Truck Association Recommended Safety Practices for Powered Industrial Trucks  (in turn based on the American Standard Safety Code for Power Industrial Trucks ASA B56.1 (1959)).

So we have been in the business of promoting Forklift Safety for almost 60 years.

On another note the plate was on a machine believed to have been traded-in in the last 5 years – clearly built to last!

Thanks to Craig Williams, Engineering & Technical  Manager at Clark Equipment for the photo and the 1965 reference.

Safework NSW – Moving Plant Checklist


SafeWork NSW have produced a Self-Assesment Checklist : Safety around Moving Plant

The use of powered mobile plant (including forklifts)  in the workplace is a major cause of serious injuries and even fatalities in NSW workplaces. SafeWork NSW has identifed the three main reasons why workers are killed and seriously injured in mobile plant incidents and these are:

1. Being hit or crushed by mobile plant.
2. Being hit or crushed by a load that the mobile plant is moving.
3. Being crushed in a mobile plant tip over.

If you are a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU), a self-employed person or a controller of a workplace with mobile plant, this self-assessment tool is designed to provide guidance for what you can do to
improve safety around mobile plant and put in place measures to control the associated risks in your workplace to be compliant with safety legislation.

This tool relates to powered mobile plant operation, high risk work licensing, pedestrian separation, load handling, seatbelts and general mobile plant safety and maintenance.

A copy of the checklist can be downloaded from the SafeWork NSW website or here


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