Seat Belt Saves Forklift Operator

The NSW Resources Regulator has issued a safety alert regarding an forklift roll over incident on a NSW mine site recently.

The incident occurred with an unladen forklift moving at speed.

The operator was was wearing his seat belt and received only minor injuries despite the severity of the accident.

The full incident report is available here


Flood Damaged Forklift Trucks

Following the Brisbane floods in 2011 the Australian Forklift and Industrial Truck Association (AFITA) became aware of issues with the sale of flood damaged forklifts (insurance write-offs).

Although these machines were sold for on the basis of being for spare parts only, there were instances of them being repaired and offered for sale as second-hand working forklifts or put into the hire market instead of being dismantled and used as spare parts.

Recent major floods in Queensland and NSW again raise the risk of this happening. Continue reading “Flood Damaged Forklift Trucks”


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